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Working Together

Every family’s situation is unique and quite often there are immediate needs. Rest assured that Priority Care is fully prepared and capable to provide services on short notice that best satisfy these immediate requirements. In addition, a Priority Care representative will conduct initial telephone interviews and follow up face-to-face evaluation meetings with potential clients and immediate family members.

We’ll start by gathering information about lifestyle, medical conditions and the kind of assistance needed.  Then, we’ll explain how the Nurse Registry works, how we find the right caregiver and answer any other questions you have.  

Finally, when we decide to move forward together, your specific plan of treatment will guide the selection of the caregiver referred to you.

Topics Discussed at the Evaluation Meeting:

  • Finding the right caregiver
  • Family involvement
  • Daily routines
  • Health and medication
  • Emergency response
  • Nutrition
  • Home cleaning
  • Transportation needs
  • Costs of services